Wolves of Rome

Wolves of Rome is a trading card game all about legendary commanders, big plays and tons of competitive battles.
It’s a Magic the Gathering and D&D- inspired universe with a twist of roman werewolf glory where you can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, compete, and build a Collection of cards to empower their decks.

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Collect and Invest in your Cards

Artwork designs are due to change as they are still Work-In-Progress

Our Game

Wolves of Rome is an NFT digital trading card game. Build your decks around powerful commanders and wield their powers in glorious battle against other players and earn $COZY rewards!

Our Universe

Face off against barbaric giants, ferocious
werewolves, scheming vampires, resurrected gods, undead pharaohs and horrors from beyond…
or join them, if you dare!

Cozy Coin

$COZY is the native currency and governance token of the Wolves of Rome ecosystem. $COZY is used to interact with the in-game store to acquire new assets. Players will also be rewarded for competing in tournaments and participating in governance votes.

Play & Earn

The future of gaming is moving away from playing just for fun, over to a play & earn model, where the players are rewarded for their time spent in these games and given the freedom to trade and sell their assets.

Build, Command, Compete


Choose your commander card and strategically build up your army of powerful creatures and arcane magic around it. Fight in glorious battles against other players and climb your way up the ranks to reap the rewards!

Wolves of Rome is an intuitive deck-building card game that lets you craft your army around your chosen commander and empower your units with their unique abilities.


The Universe

Long ago, when the world was young and the currents of magic were full of power, there was an age unimaginable. After the ocean crushed Atlantis and before the rise of the Northern Hordes, there was the Age of Wolves. A time of heroes and witches, of giants and triumph, but also of betrayal and tragedy.

It is no mere chance that has brought you here; no accident.

If you will but listen I shall tell you the tales of kings and gods, of their glory and their doom, and how the courage of a few shook the pillars of the universe…

A breathing ecosystem

Cozy Coin

Our ecosystem is governed and run by $COZY. Players will earn $COZY by battling each other and climbing the ranks as well as  competing in tournaments, seasonal events and daily missions.

But the $COZY coin is more than that. On top of being the native currency of our in-game store, it is also a governance token used by players to vote on future decisions concerning the direction and development of Wolves of Rome.

Holders of $COZY can also support the network and eco-system by staking their tokens on supporting exchanges.

Non Fungible Tokens

Play & Earn

The archaic times of centralized gaming are behind us as a new breed of games emerge all over the world. By utilizing NFT technology to represent in-game items, these new studios seek to give players real-world ownership of their digital assets in a decentralized manner.

When implementing cryptocurrencies and NFTs into games, you give players the opportunity to transfer value out from the game and trade it freely on the open markets and exchanges.

With this now possible, in-game items are given intrinsic value and players can be rewarded for their time spent playing games.
Before it was just Play For Fun; now it's Play & Earn.

Game Loops


Filip Bakija

Game Producer

Akira Atreides

Story & Metaverse Creator

Arturs Semesins

Game Director

Row Weber


Steven Saif Auda

Project Manager

Sanny Schmid

VP of Engineering

Alexander Lacher


Patrick Tobler


Monique Golan


Savio Callado Anciaes

Lead Programmer

Amber Opel

3D Game Asset Designer

Peter Jaschkowske


Riccardo Lovatto


Liam Summers


Jacopo Mazza


Lucas Auda

Discord Community manager

Nick Pitto

Growth hacking

Kyle Puller

Media Director

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