Wolves of Rome is a trading card game about building your deck around legendary commanders and pitting them against other players in epic competitive battles.

Rome is an empire of ultra-militaristic wolfmen blessed by the god Mars. They are unmatched warriors with regenerative powers and a supernatural will that drives them to conquer the world and eradicate their vampiric archnemesis.

The Unaligned forces are united in their freedom. If forced to fight, they strike with powerful synergies and combos that demand respect from all other Empires.

The deathless Pharaohs of Egypt command near endless armies of the undead. With each dropped body their army grows, while enemy forces dwindle. Driven mad by the necromantic arts, the Lich Kings seek to recreate the cosmos in their twisted image.

The Vampires of Carthage rule from the shadows. Their empire’s strength relies on secrecy and the mastery over deadly mystical powers. They are cunning seducers and deceivers whose only loyalty is to gold and blood.

The Barbarians are a loose alliance of savage tribes, known for their strength and brutality. In war, they are aided by a mysterious force that animates their land and nature itself.

The ancient empire of the Yucatec is an enigma. Their allegiance to the Abyss and demonic chaos, which destroyed their primordial civilization, makes the Lizardmen unpredictable and terrifying to deal with.

The Qin are the epitome of order. All obey the demi-godlike Emperor and seek to fulfill his divine mission of unifying all under heaven and crushing all barbarian resistance. When the emperor beckons, even dragons submit to his command.

Are you up for the


Deckbuilding strategy and skill based moves are all required to achieve glory in Wolves of Rome. Do you have what it takes to conquer your opponents?


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