Empires Liches Mint

Closes May 31st

553 Liches are still on our shores. Hunt them all and vanquish the enemy. Leave no survivors and send back their burned boats to Egypt as a message. Roma Victrix!

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What are the Empires NFT drops?

The WoR Empires NFT drops are pre-game NFTs based on exceptional thematic 3D animated art and an incredibly rewarding NFT utility for what comes next.

For our Alpha drop we start exactly where we should; ‘The Empire Wolves’ – a collection of 2000 exceptionally high quality 3D roman busts representing the in-game Empire of Wolves of Rome. The game does, however, consist of 6 core Empires locked in a struggle for dominance, therefore future seasons will each represent an Empire in the WoR Universe.

(Liches of Egypt, Vampires of Carthage, Barbarians of the North,Yucatec Lizardmen and the Qin Dynasty)

The Empires NFTs act as an access/utility NFT to a bunch of benefits as we move down the roadmap with the best for last – redeemable items on game launch! These bad boys are STACKED with utility!

Read our whitepaper to find out more…

Empires Battlepass Staking Portal

Staking Portal

Pay-In Address


Please only send the exact ADA corresponding to the amount
of NFTs you would like to purchase.

1 NFT = 180 ADA
2 NFTs = 360 ADA
3 NFTs = 540 ADA
4 NFTs = 720 ADA
5 NFTs = 900 ADA

Maximum purchase per trx. = 5 NFTs

Any failed transaction will result in your ADA being automatically refunded.